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"I am writing to thank Dr. Ellen T. Richer and in support of her endeavors to start a new school. I met Ellen in August of 2014 and am forever grateful. After sending my son to five different schools in five consecutive years, after years of searching for an educator and a school that understood my child, that believed in him and his capabilities, after disappointment and frustration and unfulfilled promises, I met Ellen and the new, small team that she put together at a small, private, special needs school in New York City. Ellen and her team made a commitment to my son and my family and never wavered from the promise of seeking out ways of connecting with him, of setting appropriate boundaries yet always encouraging him to reach beyond to do his best.


For the first time, he found a place for himself, made friends, and thrived academically, emotionally and socially. His teachers used creative approaches to motivate my son and encourage him to stretch himself to do better, to believe in himself as a successful student. We will always appreciate Ellen's and the school's compassion and empathy, and her commitment to provide a warm yet structured, empathetic but rigorous family of professionals and learners.


I wholeheartedly support Ellen and hope you will as well."   -NG

"The day I walked into the office with my son and met Dr. Ellen Richer, then Founding Head of a new private school for Twice Exceptional students, was a game changer. I was told that my son was too young, that they weren’t accepting children his age, but she was determined to help him. After being in several schools by the time he was nine, my son was less than enthused about another school interview. Yet, Dr. Richer saw through his off-putting behavior to the sweet, talented child beneath and accepted him into the program.

In the two plus years my son has attended the school, the changes in him have been remarkable. He actually looks forward to school for the first time. He has become flexible enough to have developed a close group of friends. His ability to focus for lengthy periods of time, to come prepared to each class, and to complete his homework assignments has grown tremendously.

The teaching and clinical teams mentored and led by Dr. Richer understand my son and support his very specific learning and attention needs so that he can move beyond his comfort zones and achieve increasingly challenging academic goals. More importantly, they embrace him as an individual – his self-confidence has soared and is happy."   -MS

“We will always be grateful to Dr. Ellen Richer for the work she did as the Founding Head of my son’s school in New York. After struggling at our local public school, our eight year old son found a home at this school dedicated to Twice Exceptional students where his strengths and weaknesses are accepted and embraced.


Ellen created, mentored, and directed a team of caring professionals who work together every day to create an environment where the kids thrive and can be themselves. A family is only as strong as its weakest link, and seeing our son regain his footing and be happy to go to school in the morning is huge.”   -RB

My first question to my daughter the other day, when she told me what happened [during a minor incident] was, "Did the grownups jump in and handle it?"  She responded by saying, "Yep." We spoke about how well the adults handled everything, and that everyone is learning and growing -- that's why everyone is there. 


I hand her over to you each day with confidence. I know that there will be good moments and bad moments- and lots and lots of learning moments for my child and all of the other children. I trust that you all treat each student with compassion, kindness, and understanding. As I mentioned before, she will learn as much - if not more - from how the tough times are handled. 


From the other day's incident, she learned that she will be cared for and about by adults other than me. The trust she's beginning to develop with staff members was tested and confirmed. Long Island Whole Child Academy is becoming a safe place for her. She has gone two nights without a meltdown. This morning, she didn't even argue about getting up. She was even helpful. Tired, but helpful. 

It's funny what a difference a week and a day makes. Thanks for providing a kind, compassionate, supportive environment for her to thrive in. - MG

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