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Each student will carry a full course load of the four academic subjects: Humanities, consisting of ELA and Social Studies and STEAM, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Instruction at The LIWCA is offered in a 1:1, highly individualized format that accommodates your child’s pacing and support needs. Express attention is paid to executive functioning and organizational development through scaffolded instruction, eliminating ambiguities that often leave our students confused and frustrated.


Our curricula are planned and delivered in multiple styles with a variety of objectives to capture the creative imaginations of our unique learners. Regular daily lessons are augmented by investigative studies: cross-curricular units and projects created to involve our youth in problem identification, research and solving of current, real-world problems. They are asked to reach out and explore global issues that pertain to the human condition.


In accordance with our belief in authentic learning experiences, we are a portfolio-gathering school using actual work samples as demonstration of student learning and achievement.  Not a test-based school, we celebrate the true learning that occurs over time through these unique and real-life opportunities rather than exams that provide only a momentary snapshot of a child’s day.

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