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About The Whole Child Academy

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The Whole Child Academy is Long Island's first not-for-profit, K-12, college preparatory private day school dedicated to serving "Twice Exceptional" (2e) students who learn differently.

The Long Island Whole Child Academy is a 21st Century center of experimentation and learning, offering a rigorous and open-ended academic program infused with clinically proven strategies to reduce school-related anxieties, ADHD, and dysregulation.


Our team of educational and clinical collaborators work in tandem to deliver the best in gifted educational content designed for each unique child. When traditional grade and age boundaries are removed, friendships and learning grow in developmentally-directed, natural ways. Your child’s natural joy of learning, experiencing, and sharing will thrive on the synergies of multicultural, cross-grade dynamics.

Our instructional model follows the New York State Common Core Standards as a roadmap to ensure that each child builds on the same foundation of skills as all students across the country - but that is only the beginning.


Project-based, experiential learning is informed by the latest in gifted and 2e educational research and guides the standards we set for growth and achievement. Our expectations for each child will be based on our ability to engage and stimulate the natural curiosity of children and grow independent, knowledge-seeking young adults.

Graduating Whole Child Academy students receive Regents diplomas in accordance with the academic standards set by the New York State Board of Regents, preparing them for their college applications and further academic growth.

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