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Letter From our Founder

help your child reach their true academic potential

Welcome to The Long Island WHOLE CHILD ACADEMY, a unique and cutting-edge educational alternative to school as you knew it!


Your child is bright, curious, energetic, determined, charming, funny, yet you are told your child is a behavior problem, is unfocused, unsociable, rigid. What you do know is your child is not thriving in a traditional school setting where the complex constellation of talents and abilities are eclipsed by the paradoxical challenges that have become the defining lens through which your child is viewed.


Education begins with opening a door, shaking a hand, and saying hello to new friends and adventures. Education continues with walking through that door to unknown places that hold answers to as yet unasked questions. Education is a coat of all colors providing access to opportunities for great human achievement. Welcome to WHOLE CHILD.


Dr. Ellen T. Richer,

Founder and Head of School

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