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Who Are Our Students?

Students launching their ROV

Labels limit the mind, the spirit, the body and soul. Students receive inherit labels from past experiences. Once a "blank," always a "blank"… this must serve as a warning against limiting our children by behaviors, interests and attitudes.

Instead, let’s explore the possibilities of a place where achievement is driven by dreams and growth is charted by risks taken and challenges overcome.

Achievement is sparked by an environment based on the principles of autonomy, connectedness, and competence. Autonomous students take ownership of their work and their achievements.


Connected students feel a deep sense of belonging to a greater learning community. Competent students trust that they will find solutions to challenges as yet undefined.


The Whole Child Academy provides just such an environment: Founded on a strengths-based approach to dreaming, learning, and discovery, imagine an education that challenges the mind but is not bound by the challenges of a mind that learns differently. All students will LEARN WHEN THEY CAN, and DO, when they feel motivated and competent. 


Common to all humans is the need to feel connected:

Here at The Long Island Whole Child Academy, each student is an important member of our school community that embraces individual differences as strengths, that protects against bullying and alienating, and is built on integrity and respect for everyone.

All students need to feel empowered. At The Long Island Whole Child Academy students are encouraged to take ownership of their work and responsibilities that come with growing developmental stages. Students are asked to participate in the creation of curricula, in creating self-assessment rubrics, and in learning how to be an autonomous member of this learning community.

Finally, students need to feel competent---and this is what The Long Island Whole Child Academy is truly about:


Individualized instruction allows each student’s preferred learning style to be examined as a natural asset rather than a challenge, in designing lessons, choosing materials, in completing meaningful projects, and by building confidence in one's unique abilities.

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