Our Mission

Explore the natural world, naturally! Entomology. Orienteering. Navigation. Survival skills. And artifacts from sunken vessels. Learn more about our Mentoring Scientific Minds summer enrichment program by clicking below!

We live by the truth that children will thrive when invited to thrive and they will be invested in their success when we are invested in them.

The mission of The Long Island WHOLE CHILD ACADEMY is to provide a cutting edge, integrated educational experience that raises the academic bar while building social and emotional strength and resilience.  How do we do it? Through 1:1 attention and academic instruction informed by best practices of gifted education and clinical interventions, and determined by your child’s individual capabilities, interests and growing levels of ability. Why do we do it? We are passionate about rekindling dormant self-esteem and flagging motivation.

Our team of academic and clinical professionals work jointly to create such an environment. Our mission is to collaborate as a learning community of educators, clinicians, outside providers and you, and to commit to a common language and set of ideals to guide your child through these wondrous years. At WHOLE CHILD, learning differences are celebrated and given room to flourish. Friendships are built through mutual understanding, empathy and a commitment to finding solutions through collaboration and genuine regard for every member of our community. Our principles of inclusion drive enrollment while setting a standard of open dialogue and appreciation for all things physical, emotional, even spiritual.