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Dietary Provisions


At the Whole Child Academy, we believe that no student goes hungry. We keep in stock a wide variety of healthy snacks, fruits, vegetables, and ingredients for both scheduled and spontaneous cooking opportunities.


Would you like to try a fresh baked scone? How about a homemade taco for Taco Tuesday or maybe a sushi hand roll while you watch the latest viral video on Our kitchens are always active and one of our students' favorite spots to enjoy.

Students are able to take ownership of their own dietary needs by choosing a cooking or home economics elective for one semester or more.


Dietary restrictions:

At The Whole Child Academy, we can accommodate most dietary needs and allergies.

On site, there is a Kosher kitchen maintained to KSA standards. Additionally, we are a nut free facility and implement various preventative exposure methods such as HEPA approved air filtration and enhanced cleaning measures.

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