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Clinical Support

Clinical services support our students’ current psychosocial, sensory and processing capacities while looking towards growth, self-sufficiency, self-regulation and resilience.

Social Thinking  is a paradigm shift for our kids: they can all describe what it is they should be doing, they just can’t get there—yet.


Through interest-based projects, mentorships, and small group experiences they learn the efficiencies, effectiveness and the satisfaction of social interactions: starting a business, advocating for a cause, inventing a machine. No child is an island and the skills necessary to bridge from person to person can be acquired through methodical, scaffolded experiences.


In addition to the robust, integrated clinical supports that are the foundation of our program, The Whole Child Academy offers counseling, speech, Occupational Therapy, Orton Gillingham dyslexia services, and literacy intervention supports to all students as needed. These are provided through the regular school day and form the comprehensive support structure that is overseen by our clinical team.


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