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K-12 college preparatory instruction
K-12 college preparatory instruction

We hope and expect that The Long Island Whole Child Academy will become an extension of your family, as we will get to know your child better than anyone besides you.


Communication between you and the school is welcome, expected, and encouraged so that the work that happens during the day can be supported at home. Similarly, any insights, strategies and practices that can be shared with the school will serve to support the common goals towards which we are all working.

Regularly scheduled conferences, parent-teacher meetings, parent workshops, and other events throughout the year will provide opportunities for strengthening this family-like community. Your support in attending school events, assisting in fund-raising opportunities, and suggesting professional and community linkages that will build our career-orientation platform is a necessary component that reinforces your child’s sense of belonging.

Please research and read about your child's rights to a free and appropriate education (FAPE) at Wright's Law.


The Federal law, IDEA, mandates that ALL CHILDREN, including those requiring special education resources, receive a free and appropriate education.


Your local district and/or the public school system may be required to pay for an appropriate private placement when the public school cannot provide the required supports and services determined by you and your academic and legal advocates.

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