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Welcome to The Whole Child Academy

School for Twice Exceptional Learning
K-12 College Preparatory Education

Specializing in:









Other Learning Impaired


and more

Individualized, Interest Focused, Project Based Learning based on current academic and socioemotional levels.

...a modern approach to student led learning! If your child is falling through the cracks, we can help fill the gaps.


We are a K-12 College Preparatory School Offering Clinical and Socioemotional Supports to Achieve Academic Success​ Year-Round!

1-to-1 Instruction Available

Internationally Renowned Advisory Board

Our students closely follow a lesson on our professional flight simulator!
Build and pilot your very own underwater ROV
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Please reach out with any questions:


"You have changed my life. Completely."

-JE, 10th grade student

"I am writing to thank Dr. Richer and to support  her endeavor to start a new school. After sending my son to 5 different schools in 5 years- after years of searching for an educator and a school that understood my child, that believed in him and his capabilities, after disappointment and frustration and unfulfilled promises- I met Ellen and her new, small team. They made a commitment to my son and my family, and never wavered from the promise of seeking out ways of connecting with him, of setting appropriate boundaries yet always encouraging him to reach beyond to do his best.


For the first time, he found a place for himself, made friends, and thrived academically, emotionally and socially. We will always appreciate Ellen's and the team's compassion and empathy, and her commitment to provide a warm yet structured, empathetic but rigorous family of professionals and learners."


"The day I walked into the office and met Dr. Richer at this new school for Twice Exceptional students was a game changer. After meeting him, she accepted my son into the program. Since then, the changes in my son have been remarkable. He has become flexible enough to have developed a group of friends. His ability to attend  to and focus on his responsibilities, organization, planning and completing work has grown tremendously. He can't wait to go to school every day---what a change from the tears and stress of school before.


The teaching and clinical teams mentored and led by Dr. Richer understand my son and support his very specific learning and attention needs. He can now step out of his comfort zones and reach increasingly challenging academic goals.  More importantly, they embrace him as an individual.


His self-confidence has soared."


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