Mentoring Scientific Minds Summer Camp Program

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Offerings may be tailored to suit your student's interests, academic or socioemotional needs, and more! Send us an email to discuss your needs.

Mentoring Scientific Minds is Long Island Whole Child Academy's intensive and hands-on STEAM summer program for gifted and Twice Exceptional students alike, grades 3-11.

We offer three, two-week modules to choose from - You can register for all three or pick a module that fits your family's vacation schedule to give your child a stimulating adventure while school is out!

Our programs include:

Environmental Boot Camp: an intensive outdoor exploratory program where students conduct investigative research on topics including orienteering, primitive technology and survival skills, oceanography, intertidal studies, marine forensics, ROV design, construction, and launch, and much more as they learn about the natural world around them. We will be exploring the Long Island Sound at Caumsett State Park. Geared for students interested in the environment and scientific research in a fun and interactive way led by Brookhaven National Laboratory experts.

Flight Club: Our school pilot and flight instructor lead our young aviators through the basics of flight, navigation, weather, aircraft design and more, all on our professional flight simulator! Take off and land at airports around the globe! Captain your own missions aboard 747s, Cessna 172s, and even F14 Tomcats! See the world from 30,000 feet!

Makers' Space: a program for the engineer and computer-minded. Arduino boards, robots, coding, and building simple machines, design a mini-golf course, and noodle out your own Rube Goldberg contraption. 

Film & Digital Photography

Our photography program is designed to introduce students to the expanding world of photography and image production. This program is designed both for beginners learning how to get THE MOST out of your DSLR or digital camera, as well as seasoned experts looking to give their images an extra pop! This program can be instructed using any camera, including cell phones!

Cook & Create Students will learn kitchen skills, including creating and testing their own recipes and recreating family favorites and classics. Regional ingredients will be sourced as often as possible and field trips to relevant local establishments may be planned. Become the next top chef!